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November 8th 2021

Delma Sweeney

Today our speaker is Shabnam Vasisht - speaking on Digging up the Raj in Deansgrange Cemetery.

Forthcoming Speakers and Events
Nov 15th Vasily Ogievsky An introduction
Nov 22nd The Egyptian Ambassador.
Nov 29th Roger Owens: Lands End to John O Groats: A Charity Ride
Dec 6th Special General Meeting.
Dec 15th Christmas lunch.
Jan 10th Alan Kilpatrick: Mens Sheds
Jan 17th Sean ODoherty: Family Carers IRL.
Mar 25th-27th Visit to RC Bonn.
May Premio Leonardo da Vinci weekend, hosted by RC Copenhagen.
President Alexander was in the Chair during our last meeting on 1stNovember.
Visitors and Apologies
At our last meeting we had an attendance of 19 members.
Apologies were received from the following 21 members:
Rana Al Damin; Sinem Balta; Emmanuel Barra; Frank Bannister; Caroline Barnardo; Derek Bell; PE David Booth; IPP Alan Davidson; Patrick Fanning; Brian George; Dorothy Hannon; Alan Harrison; David Horkan; Dermot Knight; PP Mariandy Lennon; Kevin McAnallen; Tony Murray; Vasily Ogievsky; Jonathan Pim, Patrick White and Willy Widmer.
Rotary Rangers’ Schedule

Nov 9th Vartry Reservoir, Roundwood
Nov 16th Prince Williams Seat, Glencree Valley
Nov 23rd UCD Perimeter Walk, Belfield.
Nov 30th Deerpark, Powerscourt.

Thought for the day
Bernadette recited a poem “All Time is not the Same Time.” from the publication edited by Hon Member Alice Leahy, “Wasting Time with People” encouraging us to make connection with those who are homeless.
President’s Announcements
• President Alexander commented on the success of our Halloween Celebrations in the Merrion Inn the previous evening when 15 of our club members dressed up and joined in the fun.

• President Alexander reminded us about the visit of about 15 of our friends from the Rotary Club Bonn next weekend, 6th & 7th November. P E David is organising.
• President Alexander reminded us that there would be a Special General Meeting on 6th December at which we will hold our election to vote on nominations for positions of Club Officers for the coming year.
Other Announcements
PP Tom O’Neill passed on an invitation from our sister club, the Inner Wheel, for a celebratory dinner on 21st November at one o’clock, in the National Yacht Club at €30 a head. Please ‘phone Tom at 0872438089 to book your place.
PP Tom suggested that we consider walking the Bonn Rotary members from the Hop Store back through Thomas Street and Dame Street where there are so many significant buildings and historical events rather than along the quays.
PP Paul Martin asked for a referral to a handyman who could work on the refurbishment of a kitchen, who will be paid at commercial rates. This work is for Paul’s friend who is living in sheltered housing.

Membership Report
President Alexander presented PE David’s Membership report.
He lets us know that despite the pandemic that numbers have held up, at just over 50 members and three new members have joined to replace some we have lost. Five members have moved away, Veronica Kuno; Sinem Balta; Simone Nelson; Paulo Zanni & Hecham Cherifi. Due to failing health Victor Hamilton will not be rejoining us and Brian George went into hospital last Friday and is going to have an operation this week. Patrick White has also undergone surgery and will not be able to rejoin us this side of Christmas. David asks members to keep in contact with each of them.
We regularly have a high number of apologies for lunchtimes. David asks the question, “How much longer will Monday lunchtime be sacrosanct? Evening meetings and hybrid meetings are possible options.
PP Ethna Fitzgerald recommended that we have regular reports on membership.
Derek Griffith said that we need new projects as these will attract new members. He suggested that we create a banner stating our mission and projects.

Community Report This report was not ready.

International Report
President Alexander read the report by IPP Alan Davidson telling us that progress had been made with “Bikes for Africa”. Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have agreed to source a container and place this in their tip to accept Bike donations. In relation to Lebanon, we have gifted €250 to this appeal. Rohumba: The committee will determine how to raise €500 (as a contribution for this charity). “Lendwithcare” the committee will consider joining with this approach and work out a methodology for our club members to participate. “Twinning” with Bonn: It has been suggested that we are already involved with a German Club via the Leonardo, however the committee feels that as our only involvement is through that medium, it is appropriate to have a close arrangement with our colleagues from Bonn. This will be advanced during their visit next weekend. We have been awarded funds in relation to Lynn Dara and IPP Alan awaits details from Eamon Porter as to next steps.

New Generations
Mary O’Rafferty told us that there was good news from St Louis, Rathmines: Her recent visit to the
school found 16 enthusiastic members of Interact who are in the process of electing officers. When
they have done so they will make decisions about their projects. She gave them €100 seed money to get them started. Mary is planning to invite the President of the Interact Club from last year to come to a lunch meeting to tell us about her experience of running the club during Covid.
Foundation In 2021 our club contributed $ USD168 per club member (52 members) to the Rotary Annual Fund = TRF (The Rotary Foundation) @ %100%. Our club’s contribution to PolioPlus was $54 per member = EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) @ 100%. Our club has 11 Sustaining Members. Our Foundation Committee members are taking the Rotary Peace Course. This year our Fundraising: target is €7,500. We have already raised €1,600 with the Duck race, €3,000 from last year, the ongoing Eirex Survey, Sustaining Members and a Quiz in February 2022. November is Rotary Foundation month. Each week a committee member will give a five-minute presentation on an aspect of Foundation.
Club Structure
President Alexander asked Roger Owens to show how the administration of the club needs to be structured in line with our current RIBI Constitution. He stated that this structure will be followed and accompanied by the outcome of a review by VP Delma Sweeney, Ted Corcoran, PE David Booth and President Alexander himself of the Loss of Membership Report and Visioning Report.
Roger started his presentation by asking us to name the five avenues of service. Bye Law five of the Constitution states that “The five Avenues of Service are the philosophical and practical framework for the work of a Rotary club. They are Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service and Youth Service. The Bye Laws state that each club will be active in each of the five Avenues of Service.”
The club committees are:
Membership Committee - This committee shall develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment and retention of members and the furtherance of Rotaract.
Club Public Relations Committee - This committee shall develop and implement plans to provide the public with information about Rotary and to promote the club’s service projects and activities.
Club Administration Committee - This committee shall conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the club.
Service Projects Committee - This committee shall develop and implement educational, humanitarian, vocational and youth projects that address the needs of its community and communities in other countries.
Rotary Foundation Committee - This committee shall develop and implement plans to support The Rotary Foundation through both financial contributions and programme participation.
There was an enthusiastic response to this structure from club members following Roger’s presentation.
Rotary Annual Fund Share
The final presentation of the day was given by Eamonn Allen, who outlined the Rotary Annual Fund Share, which is an aspect of Foundation. He told us that this is the primary source of Rotary funding. Our club, through its Foundation contributions each year, provides essential funding that helps change lives. One third of our contributions go to PolioPlus • 2/3rds go to the Rotary Annual Fund Share. Our club’s contribution (after 5% administration cost are deducted) • 47.5% goes to World Fund (For use in Global Grants that are strategically focused on high impact activities) 47.5% goes to District Designated Funds (DDF), available as project grant funding. Our district (1160) can drawdown a 50% block of its allocation each year to address immediate needs in its own communities. The balancing 50% is available for project matching with Global Grants. After 5 years, any unused DDF balance, goes back by default to the World fund. In the past three years our club has got approval for €17.1K in District Grants.
Expanding Our Network
Continuing our peacebuilding initiative, last Tuesday, five of our club members attended a networking event, hosted by the Rotary Club of Johannesburg. A member from each of three different Rotary clubs, Jerusalem, Nigeria and South Africa presented five points about their club and five about their district. We spent some time in chat rooms following these presentations. Mary O’Rafferty volunteered to make a presentation about the Rotary Club, Dublin at the next networking event on 1st February 2022. We received the following thank you from Grace Van Zyl following this international meeting. “Thank You for being part of our Expand Your Network Initiative. We enjoyed hosting and getting to know you. We hope to see you again soon.””

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