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November 1st 2021

Alan Harrison

Today is a Business Meeting.

Forthcoming Speakers and Events
Nov 1st Business Meeting.
Nov 2nd Expand Your Network Initiative – see below.
Nov 6th & 7th Visit by members of the Rotary Club Bonn.
Nov 8th Shabnam Vasisht - Digging up the Raj in Deansgrange cemetery.
Nov 15th Dr Richard Conway – Disorders of the immune systems – a mystery.
Nov 22nd The Egyptian Ambassador.
Nov 29th TBA
Dec 6th Special General Meeting.
Dec 15th Christmas lunch.
Mar Visit to RC Bonn.
May Premio Leonardo da Vinci weekend, hosted by RC Copenhagen.

President Alexander was in the Chair during our last meeting on 18th October.
Visitors and Apologies
At our last meeting there were 20 members in attendance.
We had one guest Rotarian who was Chef Chris Sandford, President of RC Glasgow North, who spoke briefly to us on the subject of the Rotary Culinary Ability Awards Project of which more below. Our guest was introduced by PP Bernadette Mulvey.
Seventeen apologies from the following members had been received by Hon Secretary Tony McCourt:
Sinem Balta; Frank Bannister; Caroline Barnardo; Emmanuel Barra; Derek Byrne; IPP Alan Davidson; PP Randal Gray; Dorothy Hannon; PP Tony Keegan; Hon Treas Dermot Knight; Mary O'Rafferty; Cormac Trant; PP Michael Carroll; PP Mark Doyle; PP Pamela O'Loughlin; Willy Widmer; Patrick White.

Rotary Rangers’ Schedule

Nov 2nd Fananerrin Ridge, Glenmalure Valley
Nov 9th Vartry Reservoir, Roundwood
Nov 16th Prince Williams Seat, Glencree Valley
Nov 23rd UCD Perimeter Walk, Belfield.
Nov 30th Deerpark, Powerscourt.

Thought for the day
PP Paul Martin spoke about the huge influence of “branding” of all types of consumer products and the incredible amount spent by large corporations in reinforcing in the public mind the corporation’s brand with a view to making it a worldwide acceptable consumer product. This included the enormous amounts spent in budgeting for branding by many corporations large and small to reinforce this. However, Paul has brought this idea closer to home and has produced a Polo shirt with the Rotary Club Dublin brand on it which he suggested would be retailed by the club for charitable purposes.

President’s Announcements
• President Alexander asked members to let either him or Hon. Secretary Tony by the prior Thursday know if they would be coming to lunch each week as the hotel needs reasonably accurate numbers.
• President Alexander also welcomed back Rotarian Dr Brian O’Boyce who, due to his work countering the pandemic, has not been able to join us for the past 18 months. Brian was welcomed back with acclaim.
• President Alexander also encouraged us to join PP Mariandy Lennon on 31st October for Halloween night from 6.00 pm, entry by appropriate costume only.

Other Announcements
• President Elect David Booth spoke to the meeting about, firstly, the visit of members of the RC Bonn to Dublin on the weekend of 6th/7th November and David is seeking the assistance of members to help the transport etc of our visitors from Bonn to various venues over the weekend. Please contact David to advise how you can help.
• Rotarian Chris Sandford, our guest on 18th October, was visiting Ireland to promote the work of the Rotary Culinary Ability Awards Project. The purpose is to encourage youth to participate in Rotary by way of an introduction through culinary skills. Chris would like to hear from anyone in Ireland who may have an interest in this. The awards were established in 2005, and are aimed at youth with disabilities. See Chris Sandford can be contacted at The address for the awards is the Culinary Ability Awards, 3rd Floor, 2 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 1RW, Scotland.

Speaker at our last Meeting
Our speaker at our last meeting was Kathrina Bentley, CEO of Men’s Aid #Supporting our Men

Having heard the discussion earlier in the meeting about branding, Kathrina was fully supportive of the need for clear and demonstrative branding to enable any organization to succeed. This particularly applies to her organization of which she is working to raise the profile to the level of its (not related) but sister organization Women’s Aid.

Kathrina explained that coercive control affects men as well as women. This had become starkly evident following the initial Covid19 lockdown in 2020.

Men’s Aid was established 20 years ago. In 2020, it supported 5,500 men through its various services between the ages of 18 – 88. The men were from 25 nationalities. They have produced a booklet explaining the organisation’s services, and now are working on translating it for the many men using the service. Many of those seeking its assistance are from farming and rural backgrounds where they may be living and working alone, and which may lead to mental health issues. They have clients from throughout Ireland. Weekends and Monday mornings are two of the busiest times for the service. The LGBTQ+ community also seek assistance which is a welcome development to the organisation’s work. Adult children who have moved home with parents as a result of the pandemic has also lead to calls from parents for support. Many of their clients have said that an acknowledgement from Men’s Aid has made a huge difference to their lives. A problem shared can be a problem reduced if not always halved.

Counselling is provided in person, by Zoom and by phone. The staff are trained in Child Protection measures, as well as legal orders and family and will accompany clients to court appearances in Dolphin House. There are outreach clinics in Monaghan, Cavan, Meath and Louth. It works with companies in designing HR policies. They helped between 20 - 30 men a day in 2020 when the difficulty was with a female partner in 94% of the cases. In 2021, this has been reduced to 90% so far.

There are two full time members of staff and three part time. The principal funding comes from the Government, TUSLA, The Community Foundation for Ireland, Comic Relief and the Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime. However, with the increase in the number of those seeking its services in the past 18 months, donations are now required. See to donate.
And the organization is also looking for suitable Board members. Rotarians can help through spreading awareness of the organization, as well as contributing towards funding. Kathrina suggested members and their friends should ask themselves a number of questions:
• Do you feel safe?
• Are you happy in a relationship?
• Do you want the relationship to continue?

The answers to these questions may give an indication of coercive control and / or domestic violence. These difficulties may be overcome once addressed with support. Please see the above website.

Rotarian Dr Brian O’Boyce thanked our speaker on behalf the membership. Brian was fully in agreement that the question of men’s health should be given a much higher profile. This includes emotional health and the ability to talk to our women-folk. It is important to have these issues addressed. Men die younger. Each of us has emotions, but some are much better at showing them than others.

6th Expand Your Network Initiative – from RC Johannesburg with thanks to PE Delma.

Dear Fellow Rotarians, 2nd November 2021

The Rotary club of Johannesburg cordially invites you to our 6th Expand Your Network Initiative on Tuesday 2nd November 18.45 GMT + 2. Come and hear about the clubs and countries featured in this event:
• The Rotary Club of Jerusalem
• The Rotary Club of Abuja Wuse II, Nigeria
• The Rotary Club of Kyalami, Johannesburg South Africa

The meeting is fun and geared to help you make valuable connections in your personal, professional and Rotary life. Please register your attendance prior to the meeting HERE, so that we can acknowledge and welcome you.

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