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July 5th 2021

Dermot Knight

Today is the first meeting of the new Rotary year and the Presidential handover

Forthcoming Speakers and Events
Jul 12th Alice Leahy – Alice Leahy Trust
Jul 19th David Ellis – How Rotary is perceived by the public.
Jul 26th Gavin Walker, Rotary Club Bangor “Lend with Care, microfinance”
Aug 9th Eamonn Allen
Aug 16th Heritage Week
Aug 23rd Alan Gilmore
Aug 30th TBA
Sep 6th Business Meeting

Past President Alan was in the Chair for the last time as President last week

Visitors and Apologies
Hon Sec. Tony announced today's Club Assembly meeting apologies were received from David Horkan, Patrick White, PP Mariandy, Kenneth Carroll, Pamela O'Loughlin and Rana Al Damin.
There were 20 Members in attendance. There was one guest, ADG Mike Connolly

Rotary Rangers’ Schedule
Forthcoming Rotary Rangers’ outings are as follows:

July 6th Lough Brays (2), Glencree Valley
July 13th UCD Outer Paths, Belfield
July 20th Kanturk and Scarr, Lough Dan
July 27th Howth Head.

Please contact PP Brian George for further detail about time and meeting place.

Thought for the day
• President Alan gave the thought for the day. He noted he was speaking on a number of important historical anniversaries – the death of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 and the Signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Both of these would have significant consequences for the world. He spoke of Rotary’s role in supporting the founding of the UN, and how it is important to learn the lessons from how we respond to events – and this is particularly relevant to today.

President’s Announcements
• President Alan updated us on plans for the Handover happening Friday 2nd July
• He also updated us on the formal awards of this year’s Paul Harris Fellowships, to Pat Fanning and Bernadette Mulvey. These have taken place on Wednesday 30 June and photos are now live on our website
• President Alan also handed over the cheques to Zamda for €1 020 and to St Vincent De Paul for €10 000
• He also congratulated Bernadette Mulvey for securing a District Grant of €1 000 for Women’s Aid and €600 for the Dolly Parton Library

Last Week’s Meeting
Last week was the Club Assembly.

President Alexander began by outlining RI President Shekhar Mehta’s goals for the year:
• Renewed focus on service
• Empower girls and women
• Diversity, equity and inclusion
• Increase Rotary membership from 1.2m to 1.3m
• Form new clubs
• Flexible, cause based, virtual
• Minimum of 2 to 3 per District p.a.
• Increased support from RI / RGBI
• Embrace Rotaract
• Focus for growth
• Must integrate fully with Rotary
District Governor Dave Murray’s goals:

President Alexander summarised our club office holders as follows:

President Alexander then gave us a summary of the coming year:

Each of the Club Committees gave an overview of their plans:
President Elect David Booth on Membership:
• Attract new members using virtual meetings
o Interesting speakers from around the world
o Time for chatting in breakout rooms
• Friends of Rotary
o Invite to all activities
o Chance to get to know us informally
• Follow up people that visit our website
o Invite to formal or informal one-to-one meetings
• Actively manage seating plan to make sure newcomers and guests feel really welcome
• Special membership meetings
o Bring along a friend to a meeting
• Make space for younger members
o Consider project relevant for younger members
o Table at lunch for younger members
Roger Owens on Foundation:
• Aim: to donate USD100 per member to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and USD50 per member to Polio Plus.
• Methods:
o Fund raising events to include The Duck Race in September and The Quiz Night.
o Sustaining members contributions.
o Eirex Survey contributions. We will present the Eirex Survey requirements and encourage members to partake.
• We will publish the previous 2 years results and the target achieved rate for 21/22.
• District Designated Funds/DDF: we aim to apply for and receive two District Grants, to assist with Club Projects
• Global Grants:
o We will become a Global Grant qualified club.
o We will assist other club committees to take part in and/or instigate fully one Global Grant.
• Scholarship grants:
o We aim to apply for one Peace Scholarship by 1 July 2022.
o We will draft a comprehensive club response to public enquiries regarding Rotary scholarships.
Foundation Awareness & Training
Use theme months to train our club members in The Rotary Foundation’s role and resources
• Sun 24 October: World Polio Day. We will make a presentation to the Club on the status of Polio eradication and why there is a continued need for funding.
• November, Rotary Foundation theme month: During each Club meeting of the month, we will make 10 min presentations to the club members on:
• TRF funding, particularly: Polio Plus, Annual Fund, Endowment Fund, SHARE, World Fund and DDF.
• How to become a Sustaining Member of Rotary Foundation, Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) and the other recognition terms, both individual and club
• Grant system, including District Grants, Global Grants and Scholarships
• RGBI and TRF relationship
• RCD Club and RCD Trust Fund relationship
Vice President Delma Sweeney & Mary O’Rafferty on Peacebuilding:
• Extend our connections with other Rotary Clubs in Ireland and internationally
• Connect with peace-building clubs in England
• Create a Peace Seminar for Interact Clubs and or Transition Year in St Louis
• Club members to familiarize themselves with the Peace Academy curriculum
• Support our Peace scholar
• Explore how our club might have a role in supporting Asylum seekers
Kenneth Carroll represented by Dermot Knight on Communities & Vocation:
Ask Rotary
• Match the needs of the community with people who can help
• Platform on website to find suitable candidates for helping
• Reach out to new volunteers and offer them to contribute as and when it works for them
Prisoner Outreach
• Probation Service
• Irish Association for Social Integration Opportunities
• Ways we could get involved: employment offers, mentoring, job preparation, shadowing
Remembrance Tree
• Virtual
• Dundrum Shopping Centre 18/19 December (tbc)
Linn Dara Project
• With other Dublin-Fingal and Dublin-Central Rotary Clubs, coordinated by IPP Alan
• Support activities for the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Ballyfermot
Rana Al Damin represented by Mary O’Rafferty on Youth Service:
Youth competitions
• Participate in competitions such as Young Writer
RotaKids (7-12 years olds)
• Establish clubs in two different primary schools
Interact (12-18 years olds)
• Continue working with St Louis High School and aim to build relationship with one or two other schools
IPP Alan Davidson on International:
Bikes for Africa
• IPP Alan is already involved with Jason Dempsey and Willie Maxwell from District in trying set up collection points in the general Dublin area and also to establish a training centre within another prison where inmates can learn the skill of bicycle maintenance and increase our capacity.
• District envisage that in addition to bikes being sent to the Gambia we may be able to add Zambia during this coming Rotary Year.
• Lebanon: Build on success of Lebanon project and UN/Defence Force relationship. Details to follow.
Rohumba Water project
• Based in Kenya, project will require €20,000 plus a further similar amount in grants
• Estimated that the Dublin club should commit to raising €500 as a contribution.
International connections
• We are invited to the Bonn 25th anniversary celebration next year, progress the idea of a twinning.
• Water project in Cambodia with the Tours Club
President Alexander closed with an update on a new area of focus : the Environment.

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